To reference Dan’s post…

•August 14, 2010 • 7 Comments


April 24

•April 25, 2010 • 18 Comments

A little something I saw on my shoot, they had an “Ugly Duckling” too. I love that car.

April 15

•April 16, 2010 • 17 Comments

I sure hope I look this good when I’m 60!

April 11

•April 12, 2010 • 14 Comments

Dan inspired to show a fix I recently did. Sometimes I do these because I know the room would be vastly improved if there was different bedding on the bed. It may seem like a “nothing” fix, but I think subconsciously it affects the viewers concept of the room or house. Here’s a before:

And after:

April 6

•April 7, 2010 • 7 Comments

I want a scanner. Thomas’ work is inspiring me to post past projects, and even better, start some new ones. Not that I could compete with his amazing talent. In the meantime:

April 1 – it’s been a loooong time

•April 2, 2010 • 15 Comments

I just haven’t felt like posting just for posting. And I haven’t had time to work on anything but work. Excuses, excuses. I finally got a photo credit for a magazine spread. I hardly ever get photo credit, and rarely get calls from an editorial. I really liked this shoot, the colors are so happy.

March 21

•March 22, 2010 • 8 Comments

A client asked me to do a composite of three images for him with his name incorporated. I never know which type face to choose. Don’t want to be too fancy. The result of having a good graphic designer for a husband. I never know what to charge for something other than what I usually do. What would you charge?